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I like my money where I can see it...

hanging in my closet

30 November 1988
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Let's see...I am an Alanis-Morissette-loving, old-movie-watching, musical-listening-to, sexually charged, coffee drinking, dancing, singing, acting, flakey kind of guy who is a hopless romantic, an idealist and a liberal tree-hugging, novel-reading, writing, analyzing best friend of the best people ever.

My weakness is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. <3

Hows that for summing myself up in a very long runon sentence and short one making myself vulnerable to your intentions?

80s music, 90's music, a chorus line, acting, after parties, aida, alanis morissette, alterra, ani difranco, anti-bush, avenue q, bare, being happy, boxer breifs, boys, breakfast at tiffany's, broadway, brokeback mountain, buckle, cabaret, candles, casablanca, chinese food, chocolate covered cherries, choir, clothes, coffee, concerts, cookie dough, cooking with maya, costume crew, cuddling, dancing, daria, degrassi, deisgn, disney, drop dead gorgeous, ethnic food, fame, fashion, footloose, friendship, gay rights, gilmore girls, gone with the wind, guys and dolls, hairspray, holly mcnarland, homosexuality, ice cream, idina menzel, into the woods, jane austen, jewel, jon stewart, kissing, kristen chenoweth, la vie boheme, life, little shop of horrors, love, making clothes, manhattan, men, mocha, music, musical theatre, musicals, new york city, novels, ouija boards, parties, performing, phantom of the opera, pride and prejudice, pridefest, project runway, reading, rent, rent obc, rentheads, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, romantic tragedies, sarah jessica parker, sex and the city, sexuality, shakespeare, sherie rené scott, shoes, shopping, singing, sleepovers, snuggling, starbucks, staying up late, summerfest, swimming, sword of truth, terry goodkind, thai food, the color purple, the cranberries, the laramie project, the last five years, the princess bride, the way we were, theatre, thrift stores, tick tick boom, urban outfitters, vintage, vintage clothing, when harry met sally, wicked, writing, you've got mail